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    In one document, please respond to one question from Part 1, and one question from Part 2 (maximum of 2½ pages per question, double-spaced in a reasonably sized font). Please save your document as a Word or PDF file prior to uploading it.

    The Dimensions of Honors Learning are part of the framework for our program that challenges each learner, regardless of major, to strengthen six marketable skills. Please consider these Dimensions as you answer the questions below:
    • Critical Thinking
    • Interdisciplinary Learning
    • Information Fluency
    • Creative Productivity
    • Leadership Development
    • Intercultural Competency

    Part 1 (Choose 1)

    1. Diversity, equity and inclusion are core values of the Honors Program. Why do these issues matter to you? How will you strive to demonstrate these values?
    2. Leadership is a quality that many of our students possess. A key to enhancing your leadership skills is getting involved in activities that spark your passion. What is your passion? Tell us why you are excited about it and how that passion influences your life.

    Part 2 (Choose 1)

    1. Select a single book, film, series, album, or video game that you think everyone in your generation should read, see, hear, or play. Tell us your reasoning behind your choice.
    2. Consider the changes and challenges you have experienced in the past year as related to your academic life and learning environment. What have you learned about yourself during this time? In what ways have you adapted or evolved as a learner? What internal or external forces keep you motivated?